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Training Programmes that allow you to strengthen those skills your employees need

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Centrecom believes that companies that invest in the training and development of their team are able to reap benefits not only for the individual employees, but for the organisation as a whole.  That is why we have developed a number of training programmes to support other organisations in attaining increased efficiencies, higher staff morale, and ultimately better output.

Centrecom has a qualified in-house team responsible for Training, including designing of training modules and workshops, training reviews, training material, and the delivery of the training itself.  Our premises also include fully equipped training facilities should companies not have the equipment and space to do this in-house, or simply prefer to hold off-site training for their employees.

We offer an array of training programmes, a few of which are mentioned below, however, we believe that training programmes should be customised to suit our clients' requirements.  We encourage our clients to hold a preliminary meeting with our Training department in order for us to gauge the specific needs and objectives, and we will then come back with a tailored programme based on the topics your organisation is after.

Some of our training programmes include:
  • Customer Service training, including techniques on handling different contact channels;
  • Communication training, looking at different communication channels and in different forums catering up to managerial levels; 
  • Public Speaking training, including delivery of presentations; and
  • More specialised training on subjects such as Leadership, Motivation, Change Management, and more.

For more information on our training services, or if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your training requirements, we'd be more than happy to assist.



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