Payroll Services

Time-consuming in-house but effective and efficient when outsourced

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Are you constantly running against time when it comes to finalising your company's payroll and billing processes? Have you ever considered outsourcing?

Companies tend to waste precious time to work out their payroll, most often putting the load on the HR team who end up spending more time on payroll processes than focusing on important HR aspects like engagement and retention.   Centrecom's back office services include efficient payroll services to cater for small to large enterprises. 

Our experience allows us to cater for small companies with a couple of employees, to organisation with hundreds of employees, with different work patterns, hours, allowances and more.  The payroll services are tailored to your company's requirements, ensuring that your employees get their payslip on time, reducing errors to zero,  identifying any discrepancies and giving you the piece of mind that your obligations vis-a-vis tax and social security contributions are attended to.

Our team of Payroll Specialists, are dedicated to doing just your payroll - with no interruptions or other non-payroll related tasks to attend to.  Besides having years of experience in the field, they attend regular training and workshops to administer all payroll needs in line with the latest regulations.  Moreover, because we believe in building partnerships with our clients, our specialists are just a phone call away and always available to assist our clients and their employees with any questions pre and post payroll issuance.

If you're ready to avoid the hassle when it's payroll time, and the long hours and precious resources associated with processing payroll, look no further than Centrecom.  We will guarantee efficient results, time saving and the piece of mind you need at a fraction of what it's costing you!




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