Omni-Channel Customer Service

Supporting customers through their preferred contact channel

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In today’s hyper connected world, offering good customer service also means comprehensive channel coverage ensuring that customers have their preferred contact channel readily avalable.  However, customers are also expecting a seamless experience between the various contact platforms. Customers that do not experience first contact resolution tend to go cross channel. This is where a seamless experience through an omni-channel contact centre service can help prevent friction with customers.

Centrecom has invested in the highest technology to ensure that its clients' customers have all the contact channels available, so whether it's the telephone, emails, chat or social media platforms, your customer support is readily available and highly responsive.  

We have developed a number of contact centre services that help our customers, big and small, get access to an omni-channel support function. Our omni-channel contact centre platform allows us to offer our clients’ customer service through one platform, and ensures that the customer is given the same message throughout, building a feeling of familiarity and strong rapport with the client’s brand/service.

The most commonly requested packages would entail the following services, however we also tailor make packages for more complex set-ups in the various industries.

Our Contact Centre Services are typically offered as follows:

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) - Our IVR System allows us to cater for automated messages to address repetitive scripted queries, but also the possibility of having Automatic or Live Message taking, allowing you to address queries in busy periods or outside of office hours with a call back to the customer at a more convenient time for them.

  • First Line & Technical Support via Telephone - we have the skillset to assist your customers with the most basic queries up until the most technical ones, always aiming to provide your customers with a first contact resolution services.

  • Customer Support via Email or SMS channels - whether the customer reaches out through an email, or an SMS channel like Whatsapp, we will ensure your customer is provided an efficient service, just as if s/he were a phone call away. 

  • Social Media Community Management via all platforms - our ticket management system allows us to handle any feedback or queries received as direct messages as well as comments/tweets on your social media pages as if they were any other correspondence.   

  • Social Media Listening - we will collect data from social and online channels such as social media groups and pages, blogs, online newspapers, etc. where the client’s brand or related keywords are mentioned and tracking such mentions to analyse this data. Through this service, clients can stay ahead of the curve and proactively take strategic decisions based on customer behaviour, resulting in an improved brand reputation and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Chatbots - we have the tools to create an automated virtua customer assistant, also referred to as a chatbot, to provide 24/7 instant response to any of your customer's most common queries.  Our Digital Communication Specialists at the back of your chatbot will be continuously monitoring all the automated chatbot interactions to ensure that the chatbot's knowledge is maintained and increased to provide your customers with the right information, no matter how the questions are posed, and in what language.

  • Live Chat - while our chatbots never get tired of helping out, you will still have some customers who prefer human interaction, and that is why we can offer customer service via live chat, allowing you to provide the same service you would typically provide through other channels.  Your customers can also have the option to attach images, files or documents, and you can also give them the option to video chat with your Customer Service Agent.

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