Data Inputting Services

Efficient data management at low cost and high quality

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One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing has always been cost-cutting, but in today's world, other benefits have emerged such as improving efficiencies, flexibility and prompt availability of resources, and obviously the speed of delivery. 

Data entry/inputting, has become one of the most repetitive, non-core tasks in any organisation, yet one of the tasks that takes up so much precious time for any company.  This is where Centrecom comes in - our data inputting services take off the burden from our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business. 

Whether your company has a couple of records to be digitalised, or a few million documents a year that need to be manually inputted, our quality services will provide you with:

  • Efficient processing of your data by our professional team of Back Office Agents;
  • Data validation and quality audits to ensure accuracy and negligible error margins;
  • Storing of data in a secure environment regulated by data protection laws; and
  • Cost-saving on infrastructure, set up and resources.

Outsourcing may be a big step for your organisation, but choosing a reliable partner like Centrecom will make the transition easier.  Whether it's simple data entry or more technical inputting, irrespective of the language, structure or content, we will maintain our promise to deliver a fast, reliable and quality service!



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