Crisis and Disruption Management Services

A fully equipped and reliable crisis centre readily available for all emergency situations

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We know that in today's world, a crisis can take place any time.  It is not a question of 'if' but 'when' and 'how'.  It is therefore important for any organisation to have a solid plan in place in order to better manage the crisis.  Each crisis is different, some happen with some pre-notice, but others just take place without any warning signs; some are temporary, whereas others are more long-lasting.  Here at Centrecom, we understand that how a crisis is managed is crucial for any business operation, and while companies may have their contingency plans in place, it's always more comforting having a team of crisis specialists on the side readily available to back up your operation.

We will help your organisation to map out your crisis management plan by:

  • understanding your capabilities in managing a crisis;
  • discussing the different scenarios that may arise in order to plan out strategies and mitigate any risks or issues that may arise;
  • using our expertise from handling different types of crisis from the various clients we have worked with, in order to help you improve and strengthen your crisis response.

The final crisis plan will be backed up by our professional crisis centre team that is fully-equipped and readily available 24 by 7 to support our clients with any crisis, disruption or emergency situation that may arise, through various contact channels, whether it is calls, emails, chat or even social media.  We have a group of crisis specialists, able to speak different languages that are given specific training on how to handle any type of crisis.  These agents attend regular training sessions and trial crisis drills to ensure that we are all set to go should any of our clients require the service within a few hours.

We have with clients experiencing regular disruptions, sometimes even weekly, to other clients where the disruption was brought about following an act of god situation.  In any circumstance, when the crisis hits our team is readily available to help you find solutions.  We will handle the front-line operations with your customers so you can manage the back-bone of the operation.

Our Crisis Management Services have supported:

  • companies experiencing a data breach;
  • airline companies dealing disruptions such as crash landings, flight cancellations or schedule changes, 
  • emergency situations due to pandemics, as happened in the case of the Covid-19 global situation in 2020; and
  • travel companies and airports dealing with force majeure natural disasters impacting their business such as the "The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Volcano eruption".

No matter the scenario, no matter the organisation's background, we give clients the confidence that when the crisis occurs, even under trying circumstances, our sole objective will remain to deliver a quality service to our clients' and their customers.



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