What’s more important: Productivity or Efficiency?

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People believe that companies that deliver results are focused on keeping their customers at the heart of their operation. This impression might be true, however, delivering productive results and being efficient might not always deliver

Gearing up to better understand your customers!

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Research has shown that the key to giving a good service or a good product is by understanding your customers. Taking a customer centric approach involves getting to know your customers so you can be

Drawing a line – the fine line between your customers’ needs and your business’ growth

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Drawing a line is always difficult, no matter what it is. In business, understanding where to draw the line between customers’ needs and those of the business is tricky. One must keep in mind

Understanding Customer Value

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We live in a society where everything is defined by its value. When it comes to taking Customer Centric Approach, Customer Value plays a vital role because by adding Customer Value, companies gain Competitive Advantage.

At your service – is the Customer Always Right?

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Working in the Customer Service Industry, and being a customer every single day, you always tend to come across, or even use the phrase – the customer is always right! However, when you stop and

Customer Experience defines a Company’s Success

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The difference between good and excellent: details!” – UNKNOWN. Have we stopped to consider the details in our customer’s experience? When was the last time you put yourself in the customer’s shoes? Did you know that

The Customer Journey…Mapping a Success Story

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One of the first steps in building a Customer Centric Strategy is looking at the Customer Journey – here is the what, how, why and when. The Customer Journey is a 360° holistic view

Incorporating AI: The Future of Customer Support

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A I – Two letters that are commonly being heard across all industries in the business world. But what is so big about AI?? Simply enough AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, however, to explain

Driving your Customer Satisfaction

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Have you clarified the importance of Customer Service but still struggling in keeping your customers happy? This week’s blog will give you an insight how to drive and maintain your customers’ satisfaction levels high

Call or Chat? What's your preference?

Offer your customers the choice of channel they prefer

The technological world is constantly evolving, with new advancements and discoveries coming from all over the world. Customer service has gone from direct contact to a more distant relationship between the company and its customers; however, the modes of communication are now much simpler. Centrecom provides high-quality customer service through phone calls and live chats, but even through emails and chatbots that can answer messages 24/7!